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The sun generates more than 1,500 times the amount of energy currently used by humans. Harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity enables you to substantially reduce, or completely eliminate your electric bill. The Solar Store offers comprehensive solar services in Southern Arizona. We help homes and businesses transform their electricity-dependent properties to become more energy-efficient and self-reliant.

Our qualified technicians have more than 60 years of combined experience and are equipped to handle any form of solar installation. We value the trust that our customers place in us, which is the reason we are available to answer your questions and provide professional solar solutions to meet every need. In addition to serving our customers, we are committed to helping the earth. We use recycled and reusable materials to promote sustainability and do our part for the planet we all share.

Get your free estimate for solar service in Tucson or anywhere in Southern AZ by calling (520) 322-5180 or contacting us online today!

All-Inclusive Solar Services

The Solar Store is your one-stop-shop for all your solar power needs. We understand that no two homes or businesses are exactly alike. Every customer has unique needs and requirements. We offer a broad range of solar services in Southern Arizona for residential and commercial properties.

Our professional solar services include:

  • Grid-tie photovoltaics: Solar panels connect to an inverter, which connects your home or business to the utility grid
  • Hybrid systems: Offer the advantages of both a grid-tie and off-grid system
  • Off-grid photovoltaics: Use an inverter, charge controller, and storage batteries to create greater self-sufficiency
  • Radiant floor heating: Heating panels are installed under the floor to provide an efficient source of heat for your home
  • Solar hot water heating: Conserve natural resources and reduce hot water costs by up to 80%
  • Solar pool heating: Extend your swimming season and enjoy lower pool heating costs

If you want to save money, increase your property value, and take steps to protect the environment, we offer services in Southern Arizona to help you reach these goals. We can explain your options and the state and federal incentives that are available to help make the switch to solar more affordable.

Additional Services We Offer:

Expert Repair & Maintenance Services for Existing Systems

Most other solar companies in Southern Arizona don’t touch solar systems installed by others, but The Solar Store does. So many companies have come in and out of the market over the past two decades, and we can help with solar systems that have been orphaned by companies that are no longer in business. We can adopt your system and invite you to become part of our family.

The Solar Store has a strong commitment to providing the longest life products on the market. We look at and monitor our systems every week to see what’s going on and determine if anything needs to be updated. We are committed to staying ahead of any aspect of our system that needs to be improved to help you save energy and maximize your return on investment.

Make the Switch to Solar

Going green doesn’t have to be difficult. At The Solar Store, we are at the forefront of the solar industry. Our team works to create a seamless process, so you can reduce your carbon footprint and substantially lower your home energy costs. We are happy to discuss your options, assess your needs, and create a custom proposal for the solar services you need.

Contact our experts today to schedule solar services at your home or business.

Client Reviews
  • The work crew was polite and efficient!

    “The office worked hard to handle my emergency as soon as possible. The work crew was polite and efficient!”

  • Excellent all Around

    “Excellent all around.”

  • Terrific technician!

    “Did a wonderful job installing the necessary sensor in the heat exchange room. We have a noticeable difference in our hot water.”

    - Stephen W.
  • We are so pleased!

    “The service for our pool heater repair was WONDERFUL.”

    - Suzanne C
  • Their installers are first class

    "Excellent Engineering, Installations and Support. We are 10 year+ clients of the Solar Store."

    - Edward C
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