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FAQs About Solar Batteries


How Solar Batteries Can Benefit Your Home

Across the solar industry, there has been a shift in focus to battery technology for consumers. The reasons are numerous and diverse, including improving the environment and saving money and everything in between. Having a battery as part of your solar energy system allows for additional flexibility – whether you are completely off-grid and want additional insurance, or you want to safeguard your home against rising utility prices or outages, a battery can help.

Why should I get a solar battery?

Solar batteries are the next step in energy independence for homeowners. Whether you are fully off of the grid and need backup power for a rainy day or you want to ensure that you continue to get the power you need even in the event of an outage, this system is an excellent choice.

How much power can the battery store?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is extremely broad. The amount of power it can store – and therefore how long it can continue to power your home – varies depending on the size of the battery you get and what your electrical needs are. In many cases, the battery acts as a way to store surplus energy generated during the day, which can then be used at night or during cloudy days when solar energy is not as plentiful. It is generally recommended that homeowners get a system that can store around 12 hours' worth of electricity. From there, other considerations can be taken into account.

How do solar batteries compare to traditional backup generators?

In general, traditional backup generators represent a smaller initial investment, but greater long-term costs for fuel and maintenance. Home batteries, on the other hand, require little to no maintenance and, in your case, only the power of the sun. These systems are silent, automatic, and clean, and provide lasting energy solutions that you can depend on long-term.

How can solar batteries save you money?

Depending on your area and your unique energy needs, there are several ways to save money. In those areas where electricity prices rise and fall during certain times of day, solar batteries can charge while electricity is cheap, and then power the property when prices are at their peak. These batteries also offer the opportunity to save you even more than solar panels would on their own. Additionally, net metering is still very much an option for homes with solar batteries. It may impact the amount of electricity sent back to the grid, and therefore somewhat reduce the compensation, but the difference is usually minimal.

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