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Grid Tie Photovoltaics Installations

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Southern Arizona offers bright, sunny weather most of the year. The sunbeams nourish the Earth and sustain wildlife. Don’t you wish you could capture the constant sunshine and harness its energy? We make it possible. At The Solar Store, we offer quality renewable energy resources to help keep your energy bill down and protect the environment. Invest in a change that is both good for you and for those around you.

To learn more about grid tie photovoltaics, call (520) 332-6535 today!

Why Grid Tie Photovoltaics?

A grid-tied solar electric system converts the sun’s energy into electricity. The solar panels connect to an inverter, which in turn connects to the house / business and the utility power grid. The panels transform the light into direct current, which the inverter converts to alternating current. All brands of grid-tie generators use Maximum Power Point Tracking, ensuring that the system produces the maximum amount of power. If net metering is available, the energy that is not used by your home or business goes back to the utility grid, meaning you may receive credit for the unused power. Installation is easier than other solar power systems because grid-tie generators do not require a battery system. Other advantages of grid-tie photovoltaics include:

  • Safe and proven technology
  • A simple, easy-to-use system
  • High efficiency
  • Worry-free maintenance
  • Net metering/sell back

Generate More Electricity For Less Money!

If you’re ready to see your energy bill go down, turn to The Solar Store. Our Southern Arizona solar installation company has years of experience. We have licensed professionals, one of whom earned a master’s degree in solar and renewable energy. We are also certified solar thermal installers and solar PV installers. Our technicians continuously train so that they can provide innovative, cutting-edge services and answers to all your solar questions.

For all of your solar needs, contact The Solar Store. Call (520) 332-6535!

Client Reviews

    Professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

    “The tech was on time with his mask on, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. their price was the best i could find.”

    - Robert P.
    Thank you for your excellent support in resolving the issues!

    “I have a great appreciation for the group who did a fantastic job during their last visit including Michelle's excellent organization to solve my problem on the same day within a few hours. Thank you ...”

    Crew at the Solar Store ARE AWESOME!!

    “Michelle and Jeff and the whole Crew at the Solar Store ARE AWESOME!! Very easy to work with, they stand behind their product and workmanship!! Go out of their way to make things right EVEN when it is ...”

    - Abel B.
    They've always showed up within the window if not a little early!


    You can't ask for any better service than that!

    “After several years of operation under harsh conditions, one of our two Fronius 4000 inverters failed. Our problem was troubleshot in quick order by no less than the Solar Store's owner, personally, ...”

    - Bob Y.

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