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The Solar Store can help you save energy by using the sun to power your pool. We offer pumps for filtering pool water, fountains, ponds, and water features on residential and commercial properties. For more than two decades, our Southern Arizona solar pool heating experts have provided the highest quality and longest-lasting products for our customers.

Call (520) 322-5180 or contact us online today to get more insight on our process of installing solar pool heating & pumps in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona!

The Right Size Pump for Your Pool

Solar pool pumps are available to replace up to a 3 hp standard pump. In order to gain the full benefit of switching to solar, you need a pump that is sufficient for filtering the water in a pool, fountain, or pond that is the size of the one on your property.

In order to recommend the right pump, we will consider:

  • The dimensions and volume of your pool
  • The location
  • The type of filter used currently
  • The heating system used in your pool
  • The horsepower of your current pump
  • Other water features

Pool pumps are often overlooked when considering how to reduce energy consumption at home. In many homes, the pool pump is second only to the air conditioner in energy consumption. Solar-powered variable speed pool pumps are a relatively new technology that is quickly gaining popularity. A variable speed pool pump offers the same water filtration at a fraction of the cost of electric single speed pumps.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar technology can be used to heat your pool without relying on electricity and costing you extra.

The Solar Store offers one brand of solar pool heating systems: SolarCoil.

SolarCoil offers cost-effective pool heating for what you need: pools, spas, and hot tubs. It can be customized to what you require as well: manual or automatic; commercial or residential.

The SolarCoil system is sized based on the amount of water to be heated. The Solar Store will custom design your system to get the most out of your swim season. SolarCoil’s unique design uses 25% of the connections of other systems, dramatically reducing the number of potential leaks. It also rests on rafters above the roof, allowing for drainage and convenient removal of debris. Mounted without roof penetration on flat roofs, SolarCoil provides easy removal and replacement during any roofing maintenance.

Products & Services Tailored to Your Needs

At The Solar Store, we offer tailored solutions not provided by most other companies. Our services for solar heating and pumps in Southern Arizona are always customized to your specific needs. We can recommend the best solar pool heater and pump to keep your pool water warm and clear while reducing your home’s energy consumption.

Our team of solar experts is led by a licensed professional engineer, we hold three NABCEP certifications, and our team has more than 60 years of collective experience, so you can be sure that you are receiving the highest quality products, service, and expert installations. We can advise you of your options and ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products and services to maintain clean pool water and a comfortable temperature.

Learn more about transitioning to solar pool heating in Tucson or anywhere across Southern Arizona by calling (520) 322-5180 or submitting a contact form online today!

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  • The work crew was polite and efficient!

    “The office worked hard to handle my emergency as soon as possible. The work crew was polite and efficient!”

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    “Excellent all around.”

  • Terrific technician!

    “Did a wonderful job installing the necessary sensor in the heat exchange room. We have a noticeable difference in our hot water.”

    - Stephen W.
  • We are so pleased!

    “The service for our pool heater repair was WONDERFUL.”

    - Suzanne C
  • Their installers are first class

    "Excellent Engineering, Installations and Support. We are 10 year+ clients of the Solar Store."

    - Edward C
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