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Composting Toilet Technology

There are countless ways to do your part to protect the environment, and one of them is by using environmentally friendly alternativves such as composting toilets. Regular toilets produce excess waste, require major water usage, and outpouts raw sewage. Composting toilets not only eliminate these issues, but they are also self-contained and non-polluting, which makes them a great option for a multitude of areas such as cottages, cabins, RVs, boats, farms, homes, warehouses, pool cabanas, and more!

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The Advantages of Composting Toilets

Composting is a great solution to avoid creating more waste in our day-to-day lives. Every living organism consumes nutrients and creates waste. To transform waste back to nutrients and complete the cycle, nature uses the process of decomposition and evaporation. Toilet waste is over 90% water content. This can be evaporated and carried back to the atmosphere through the vent system. The small amount of remaining material is recycled into a useful fertilizing soil.

Other benefits of composting toilets in Tucson in across Southern AZ include:

  • No septic or municipal sewage connection required
  • No water required
  • Uses natural processes and no chemicals
  • Pollutant free
  • Converts organic matter to its essential minerals
  • Completely natural process
  • Odor-free aerobic process
  • Results in 90%+ of the material being evaporated
  • The end compost is recycled back to nature 
  • A safe end-product

Different Composting Toilet Models

Sun-Mar composting toilets come in three different models to suit the different needs of our clients:

Self-Contained Toilet

A wide range of capacities, and can be installed anywhere you need it.

Urine Diverting Toilet

Designed as a stylish, effective addition for RV and mobile applications.

Central Series Toilet

Created to provide a composting system with a conventional toilet appearance.

Reliable Solar Products for Your Tucson or Southern AZ Home

The Solar Store has served the power needs of homes and businesses for more than 25 years. We work with Sun-Mar to provide composting toilets to meet every need. Our solar experts in Tucson and accross Southern Arizona can listen to your goals, assess your needs, and recommend the best quality products for you.

Please call (520) 322-5180 to schedule a consultation to learn about the products that are available to meet your requirements.

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