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TEP is changing their net metering rates on 6/1/2015!

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A Grid-tie system is the most cost-effective type of solar electric installation. The system allows those who have access to utility power the opportunity to generate their own electricity. All of this is available while enjoying the endless power that accompanies being connected to the grid.

  • The system is simple – When the sun is shining, the panels generate direct current (DC) power. The inverter converts this power to alternating current (AC).
  • Worry-free Maintenance – The utility-grade AC power is directed to the load center for immediate use in the home. Because there is no battery bank, the installation expense as well as the burden of maintenance is reduced.
  • High efficiency – Grid-tie inverters continually adjust the operating conditions to assure 
that the system is producing the maximum amount of power. This process is called Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), and is available on all brands of grid-tie inverters.
  • Safe and proven technology -This includes lightning protection, ground fault detection and anti-islanding. Anti-islanding keeps
    utility workers safe when working on the grid by shutting off the
    inverter when there is no grid power.
  • Net metering/sell back – 
When net metering is available, the power is directed back to the grid and the utility meter turns backwards. This allows for 
power to be produced during 
the day for use at night.

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